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Not so long ago, Ash started making jewelry after taking a metal smithing class in college.  While in school for something else, a mighty passion was unearthed.  Always wanting to work in the fashion industry and wanting to have her work worn daily by friends, family and those across the globe - the opportunity to work in the world of fashion suddenly seemed less like a day dream and more like a reality.
Meanwhile this dream went from a dream, to a part time job, to a full time job over a few years.  Through the years, the name changed, it grew, change, grew some more (as did Ash and her work) and settled for a while as LOVINGLY.  The LOVINGLY years were beautiful and brutal.  The name never really clicked for Ash, it was simpler version of a name she had used in the past.  It simply was not what she envisioned in the depths of her heart for this contribution to the world of fashion.
With tears, joy and a whole lot of work ATALANKA stepped onto the scene.
While desperately trying to find the perfect name for this labor of love, two things stuck out to Ash.
 First, the Greek Goddess of Hunt, Adventure, and Travel: Atalanta. She never seemed to fall in the trap of trying to win approval or fit into any conventional mold those around her tried to place her in. After many adventures, she married in a way that is fitting to her story, then -as the story goes- she and her husband were turned into constellations so they could be together forever.
Second, the brightest star in the Phoenix constellation: Ankaa  Loving the symbolism of a phoenix rising from the ashes - and after rising from the ashes herself a time or two, it just worked. 
Ash knew the names had to be lovingly woven together.
And so ATALANKA came to be


The faces behind ATALANKA

Name: Ash

Title: Owner, Lead Designer, Girl Boss, Visionary, Warrior, IT person, marketing person, website design, Works her a$$ off daily to make ATALANKA happen

What you actually do at ATALANKA:  EVERYTHING!!  I dream it up, research, talk with contractors, keep books, respond to emails, run the website, do wholesale orders, mail regular orders, design set-up and display, marketing, you name it, I do it.

Favorite Food: Pho!  Or French Fries.  And cupcakes…

Favorite place you’ve traveled: Manhattan and Brooklyn NY

Cool fact about you: I’ve climbed to the top of an active volcano that is part of The Ring Of Fire!

Item you never leave the house without: Monochromatic outfit + Earrings

Name: Josh

Title: Husband, Executive Design Assistant, Graphic design, Bringer Of Smiles, Lead Encourager, 

What you actually do at ATALANKA: Provide feedback on designs, construct displays, provide (a ton) emotional support, graphic design

Favorite Food: Sub Sandwiches + tater tots

Favorite place you’ve traveled: NYC

Cool fact about you: I hold a Doctorate in being a complete and total bad ass.

Another cool fact: I enjoy listening to Podcast Dramas, going for long bike rides, and going out for lunch dates with my boo thang.

Item you never leave the house without: pimp walk + a good hat.

Name: Chloe “The Bookie”

Title: Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager & Chief Cuddle Consultant, Nap Master, Lead Distraction to the boss lady

What you actually do at ATALANKA: Nap, cuddle, have snacks, play fetch, distract mom, and then nap some more.

Favorite Food: Hamburgers from the Golden Arches + English cucumber.

Favorite place you’ve traveled: The beach

Cool fact about you: loves wearing her winter sweaters

Item you never leave the house without: leash, and harness.