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Photo showing earrings in yellow gold, sterling sliver, and rose gold.
Photo showing earrings in yellow gold.
Photo showing earrings in yellow gold.
Info graphic showing difference between solid gold, that gold filled adds more gold to the piece, and gold plated is very little gold on piece. Better description in main piece description.


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Such simple and wonderful earrings.  These are great to wear all the time - they never fall out!  These are great to put in and not think about again because not only will you forget that you are wearing them, but they will be comfortable to sleep in, work out in, shower in and more.  These are truly made for every lifestyle and to live with you.  One of the great perks to these earrings is that they are anti-tarnish and come in 14k Yellow Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled, and Sterling Silver.  These work well for traditional ear piercings as well as second, third and constellation piercings.  Each earring is about ¾” long.

Gold Filled jewelry is best used where longevity and durability are a must. Gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, and other such events are much more meaningful when the piece is meant to last decades. Also when a piece is worn on a daily basis because you never want to take it off - a Gold Plated piece would last mere months if worn daily.  Not only these wonderful qualities, it’s also hypoallergenic!  This is why we choose to use Gold Filled over Gold Plated pieces.  We want to offer you a great quality piece that will last and you will be able to live every day in!

If you want to learn more about Gold Filled, Gold Plated, and Solid Gold to see what is best for you, visit our FAQ page about what makes Gold Filled so much better than Gold Plated and how they are made.

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